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Ye Corner Tyres Garage provides exceptional tyre services and possesses several key qualities that set it apart from the competition. These qualities ensure that customers receive top-notch service and have a positive experience. First, our team of experienced technicians that are well-trained in tyre fitting, balancing, alignment, and repairs are able to handle various tyre-related issues effectively and efficiently. Secondly, Our service centre offers a wide range of high-quality tyre brands to cater to different customer preferences and vehicle types. Therefore, customers can buy the tyres that are most suitable for their specific driving conditions. The vast collection of tyres includes Pirelli, Churchill, RoadX, Rotalla, Continental, Yokohama and more, in addition, the quality of services can not be maximized without advanced equipment. Hence, our technicians have access to modern and advanced equipment, including tyre mounting and balancing machines, alignment equipment, and diagnostic tools. As a result, they can carry out accurate and precise tyre fitting, balancing, and alignment, leading to optimal performance and safety. In addition to tyre services, we also offer a wide range of comprehensive automotive services. This includes MOT, Car Service, Wheel Balancing, Puncture Repairs, Diagnostics, Air Con Servicing, Brakes, Suspension, Car Repairs, Mobile Tyre Fitting and Wheel Alignment. Providing a one-stop shop for all automotive needs saves customers time and ensures their entire vehicle is well taken care of. Get in touch with today for unparalleled auto services. 



Wide selection of reliable tyres, offering performance, durability, and a range of options for various vehicles and driving needs.



Authorized testing facility ensuring efficient MOT testing for Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles, meeting government standards.


Wheel Alignment

Precise wheel alignment using advanced equipment for improved vehicle performance, safety, and extended tyre lifespan.


Puncture Repairs

We provide professional puncture repairs to restore tyre integrity, offering peace of mind and extending tyre life.



Advanced diagnostic tools and skilled technicians accurately identify vehicle issues, ensuring efficient and effective repairs.


Air Con Servicing

Comprehensive air conditioning servicing to maintain optimal performance, efficiency, and comfort in your vehicle.



Reliable brake repairs for safe stopping power, ensuring optimal performance and driver confidence on the road.



Skilled technicians offering suspension repairs and replacements to enhance vehicle comfort and handling.


Mobile Tyre Fitting

Convenient mobile tyre fitting service at your preferred location, ensuring efficient installation and minimal disruption.

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Car Service

Comprehensive car servicing by our expert technicians ensures your vehicle performs at its best and stays reliable.


Wheel balancing

Achieve a smooth and vibration-free ride with our precise wheel balancing service for optimal tyre performance.


Car Repairs

Expert car repairs by skilled technicians, providing reliable solutions to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Car Tyres and Auto Repair Services


What Our Customers Say

You cannot go wrong with customer service and people skills like this! Their pricing is extremely competitive too. I'll definitely be back!
A Joshi
Called these guys from M25 after a puncture and being rescued by AA. They had tyres in stock and provided a quick perfect service.
David Humphries
I havehad wheel problem, fixed right away. The guy knows how to handle customer service. He is professional. Highly recommend!!
Getu H
Excellent service from start to finish,ordered tyre on there web site and booked an appointment for sat ,hassle free,polite and very rapid service many thanks
Matin Lilley
Top customer service, very friendly. Came and fitted new tyre on my driveway within 15 mins of phoning. Great price and does a professional job. I would highly recommend!
Rob Masters
Quick, friendly and good value service when I went to change my worn front tyres today. Also provided me with some useful advice while I waited. Hope to use again.

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Professional Tyres Replacement and Garage Services in Watford

We have been providing exceptional tyre and auto repair services since 2008. Reach us for the unparalleled level of service.

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